Museum Entry

Biomimicry museum entry with copper paneled railings to match water harvesting exterior panels.

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Courtyard Render

Biomimicry museum designed with an innovative building material designed to harvest water from dew and fog. Inspired by spider webs, trichomes, and lotus leaves.

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Aerial Bridges

Bridges connect two sides of the museum

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Children's Museum

Children's floor of Biomimcry museum

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2017 AIA Student Design Award


Master of Architecture Senior Thesis

NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Drought Tolerant Architecture

With the increase in atmospheric temperature and decrease in rain and snow fall, desert climates are faced with extreme drought conditions, making alternative water harvesting techniques crucial. In order to develop a sustainable water harvesting technique in areas with minimal rainfall, looking to nature native to the area can provide insight into what methods to take.

By analyzing three items from nature and their interactions with water, a panel system was developed to harvest dew, fog, and rain. The panels are implemented onto a building designed to capitalize on maximum water harvesting. They can also be implemented in any building typology, making them accessible for new and existing buildings.