Design Create Inspire: Course Series

After years of working in the design industry and going through the trials and errors of starting, building, and running a design firm, I have felt the calling to design a course series. These courses are the exact information I wish I had when I first got started. 

What are the first steps?

How do I mentally prepare to start a firm?

How much should I charge?

How do I get clients?

How do I move past the fears holding me back?

In this course series, you’ll learn what school didn’t teach you about starting and running a design firm. I’m going to take you from wondering how to set up a business plan to confidently submitting proposals to your very first clients.

What’s different about these courses? I’m not only going to talk about the boring side of business. I’m going to take you into the actual mindset of what it takes to be a badass CEO.

The series consists of 3 courses: Mindset, Logistics, and Money. I will give you my tried and true templates (proposals, emails, plan checklists) and also give you the tools you need to deal with tough clients. I want to take you through what I wish I knew when I was starting my business 6 years ago. Not only the practical side of running a business but the psychological side as well. 

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Who is this series for?

I want Design Create Inspire to be a source for designers and architects, but also entrepreneurs and individuals working on self-growth. So, I created this course series so anyone could take them whether you're starting a business, wanting to make a change in life, or ready for the next step but don’t know how to take it.

Why break it into 3 separate courses? Because not everyone is on the same trajectory. 3 courses allows individuals to choose what's right for the path they are currently on. Here is an idea of who each course is for:


Course 1: Mindset

Are you starting a business but held back by fear or limiting beliefs? Are you wanting to make a change in life, but paralyzed with how to start? Are you having a hard time achieving your goals and need a push?


Course 2: Logistics

Are you someone who wants to start a business, but don’t know where to start? Where to get clients? What a design proposal looks like?


Course 2 will be geared slightly to designers and architects, but most of the modules will be able to be tailored to starting up any business.

Course 3: Money

Do you already have a business or you're currently starting one but having trouble with the money aspect? Do you have fears or negative associations with money, which are holding you back? Are you a designer/architect and not sure how to structure your fees and want more information on how to budget construction costs? 


As you can see, each course builds on top of each other. So, while I did design them so they can be taken individually, the ideal way to get the most out of the courses is to take all 3. Each one builds on top of the other to leave you feeling the most confident, secure, and ready to take on the world!


Enrolling in all 3 will also come with a few bonuses including a private Facebook group for you to be apart of an incredible community of like-minded individuals. You can dive deeper into asking questions and learning from your peers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start?

All courses are currently full! Please get on the waitlist below so we can let you know when the course goes live again. 

What happens when I purchase the course?

You will receive an email with the full course schedule. All the videos and Q+A sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend a live call you will not miss out. Modules will be emailed directly to you on the Monday of each week.

What do I get with each course?

Each course will have 4 weekly modules. The modules will consist of a 60-90 minute video/audio lesson and weekly downloads. The downloads will contain worksheets and templates. These weekly downloads will be where you put your thoughts, ideas, and takeaways from each week and this is what allows you to reach your goals. There will also be a 60-minute Q+A Livestream each week where you can ask Bryn any questions you have for that week's lesson. If you are part of the full 3-course series, you will also get access to a private, members-only forum so you can connect with other members, get additional support, and get any updates/bonuses from us! Everything shared with you over the 4 weeks has LIFETIME access, so you can always come back to it for a refresher course when needed. 

Do I have to follow the course on those exact weeks? I'm really busy...I'm going out of town...etc.

You will have lifetime access to the course, so if you need to take it at your own pace that is totally ok! The modules will not be available until the specific week, but once it is available it will always be there. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds available. The course is designed to help you be the best version of yourself and part of that is keeping up with commitments. This course is an investment in yourself and that investment will be returned to you tenfold if you put the right energy into it. If after the first module you feel this course is not for you, we may offer a partial refund. We want to see you put in the effort, did the worksheets, and were involved in the live sessions. If after all that, you are still not satisfied, we will only refund the modules which you have not yet received (i.e. return payment for module 2 + 3 if you only made it through Module 1). 

I don't own a business and I'm not a designer, is this course still right for me?

Yes! The business logistics course can be tailored to starting any business. If you're not interested in starting a business, the Mindset course is still for you! We discuss fears, limiting beliefs, goal setting, and more. These are all important life lessons that not only help in business but in everyday life. 

What are your qualifications for teaching these courses?

I have spent the last decade learning about business, design, and myself. I have worked with coaches and mentors and have spent hundreds of hours learning how to run a business, how to be a designer, and also the mindset strategies it takes to be successful.

My technical qualifications:

Undergrad: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and Interior Architecture - California State University Chico

Graduate: Master of Architecture - NewSchool of Architecture + Design

Certifications: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate

I have completed all 6 divisions of the Architect Registration Exam and am preparing for the California Supplemental Exam to be a licensed architect. I have run my firm since 2014 and have worked one on one with dozens of clients.


2017 AIA Design Award for Drought Tolerant Water Harvesting technology 

2019 AIA Design Award for Accessory Dwelling Unit

2019 San Diego Home & Garden Garden of the Year Award 

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