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ARE Series: Project Management PjM

Updated: Apr 1

Let's break down the ARE (Architecture Registration Exam)! In this new ARE Series I am taking you through each exam, how I studied, what I found useful, and how to pass. The second in the series is all about Project Management (PjM).

One of my most popular videos on YouTube is all about getting through the ARE. If you haven't watched that one yet definitely check it out below to get a general idea of the entire exam process, what order to take the exams in, and most importantly what to do if (when) you fail.

Check out the first episode in the series here:

Now let's talk about Project Management


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Project Management

It's best to take Project Management (PjM) as your 2nd ARE® exam. As mentioned with Practice Management the tests don't have to be taken in a specific order; this is what worked for me and the majority of people I work with. The good news with Project Management is all the work you did studying for PcM will carry over to PjM. You’re primarily going to be tested on office standards, contracts, and risk management. Project management is basically all the resources you need to complete a project effectively.

sections of the exam:

SECTION 1: Resource Management 7-13%

  • What resources are needed to get a project from start to finish

SECTION 2: Project Work Planning 17-23%

  • Primarily schedules and communication

  • Project team and the roles/responsibilities of everyone involved

SECTION 3: Contracts 25-31%

  • The biggie! Understand the but really, know the contracts.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the different parties based on the contracts involved

  • Key contracts to understand: A101, A201, B101, C401

SECTION 4: Project Execution 17-23%

  • Admin procedures

  • Project approvals (AHJ)

SECTION 5: Project Quality Control 19-25%

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control

  • Quality Management

Study Tips

  1. ARE Handbook - Look over the handbook and see what they want you to study. Go back often to reference the handbook to make sure you are studying for each section.

  2. Resource Guide - Download my resource guide to show you what resources are best for this exam

  3. Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice AHPP - Check out the PDFs within my resource guide that break down what sections of the AHPP to study so you can focus your energy on the sections you need for the specific exam.

  4. ARE 5 Review Manual - This manual was key for my studying for each exam. The book breaks down each section of the exam with study material, it's so incredibly helpful!

  5. Practice Practice Practice - The ABC Club, Ballast practice exams, and Designer Hacks.

  6. Cornell Notes You may have not used these since high school (do they even still teach these in school??), but there is value in notes! Take notes while you're studying.

  7. Filler Words Read the questions of the exam VERY carefully. They will try to add extra information or filler words in the questions just to add noise to your head. Cross out any information that isn't relevant to what they are actually asking. Don't get bogged down by unnecessary information.

  8. Hold Yourself Accountable! Schedule it, create an incentive for yourself, join a study group (Mind Over ARE) anything to hold yourself accountable. It's so easy to put off taking the exam, so design a way to make it harder for yourself to push it aside.

Congratulations on taking your 2nd exam, you got this! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about what helped you when you were studying.


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