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Future Architects: Innovating Education in Architecture with Gokce Saygin

Updated: Feb 21

Inspiring the Next Generation: How Gokce Saygin's Innovativing Education in Architecture

In a world where education often follows a rigid structure, the concept of learning through play introduces a refreshing and effective approach, especially in the creative field of architecture. In today's episode of Design Create Inspire, we're talking to Gokce Saygin, founder of ArKIDect, to discuss her journey as an aspiring architect with a passion for enriching young minds through the wonders of play.

Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin

The Dream of Architecture

Gokce shared her inspiring journey from a young girl fascinated by the construction of a small house to becoming a respected designer in the bustling city of New York. Her early exposure to architecture ignited a passion that has guided her career path and educational endeavors. Gokce's story is not just about her personal achievements in architecture and landscape architecture, which she studied at Istanbul Technical University, but also about her deep commitment to learning and teaching.

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gokce's move to New York was intended to be temporary, a six-month exploration and learning opportunity. However, her plans quickly evolved as she found herself immersed in sustainable design and discovering the vast opportunities available in the city. This experience solidified her belief in the importance of hands-on learning and the value of practical experience in the architectural field.

Gokce's approach to education and her career is heavily influenced by her own learning journey. She believes in the power of experiential learning, a philosophy that led her to found ArKiDect, a program dedicated to teaching children about architecture through play and hands-on experiences. Her mission with ArKiDect is to inspire the next generation of architects by fostering a love for building and design from a young age.

Her personal narrative is a testament to the belief that early passions, when nurtured, can lead to fulfilling careers and innovative educational programs. Gokce's story encourages us to believe in the dreams of young aspiring architects and supports the idea that practical experiences are invaluable to learning and understanding the world of architecture.

Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin

Inspiration at Home

The driving force behind arKiDect is Gokce's 7-year-old daughter, Maya. Observing Maya's innate curiosity and boundless creativity daily, Gokce is reminded that learning is an ongoing journey, enriched by the fresh perspectives and unbridled imagination of the young minds. Maya's influence is a constant reminder of the importance of fostering a love for learning early on.

Through arKiDect, Gokce aims to lay a foundation for a lifetime of learning, demonstrating that the world of architecture is not just about buildings but about the stories, creativity, and dreams that inspire them. Her vision extends beyond teaching architectural principles; it's about inspiring a new generation to dream big and explore without limits.

Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin

Building Dreams Together

Gokce Saygin's journey from dreaming of architecture as a child to empowering children through arKiDect is a narrative of passion, dedication, and inspiration. By blending education with play, she is paving the way for a future where learning and creativity go hand in hand.

Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin

Connect with Gokce Saygin

Discover the incredible work Gokce is doing with arKiDect and join her in nurturing the next generation of architects. You can connect with her through the following channels:

Join Gokce in her mission to inspire, educate, and build dreams through the art and science of architecture.

Image Courtesy: Gokce Saykin
Image Courtesy: Gokce Saygin


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