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3 Simple Ways to Give Back as an Architect

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Giving back as a design professional is essential. Here are three simple ways you can start giving back today.

Giving back can look like a hundred different things. It has always been a highlight of special occasions, just as the holidays, from material to sentimental things. And now that the Holidays are done, it does not mean that it is the end of the spirit of giving back. I believe it should always be present and all the chances we can get. So here are three (3) tips that I will share as a professional and an architect that you can do to keep the spirit of giving back alive. The podcast or episode of YouTube from this week has more information. Enjoy!


Students are a great demographic to start with when giving back as a professional. You can provide a significant impact just by sharing your story and experience. Not located near a design school? No worries! With the help of technology and social media, nothing is impossible, and you can reach your target audience in no time. If you are near a school, reach out to see how you can get involved. Whether it's through critiques, reviews, or presentations.


The architecture industry is big on mentorship, so this is an easy way to give back. Not only does this help the next generation of architects become better designers, but it also helps those emerging professionals gain experience hours to get licensed. If you can't work directly with someone, you can mentor from a distance these days with the help of technology. There are many ways mentorship can look. I do this by sharing my knowledge through social media, videos, and blogs.


As mentioned, we all have different ways of showing how we give back and one of those may be through your community. This can be through volunteer work, joining organizations, or sponsorships. I have found that giving back to the community can spark a new fire and excitement in the profession. I give back to my community by sitting on the board of directors at the La Jolla Historical Society, volunteering at local AIA events, and donating to local organizations that support architecture.



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