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Master Public Speaking as an Introvert

As architects, public speaking is imperative to convey your design effectively. Not only do we have to be able to tell a convincing story about why we have made specific design choices, but we also are setting ourselves up for critique. Having to master public speaking is a critical part of being a designer.

So, does this mean all architects and designers are extroverts who love to public speak? NO! You can become a compelling public speaker and actually learn to love it even if you identify as an introvert. How do I know? Because I am, in fact, an introvert! People might not believe that when they first hear it because I now spend most of my days speaking, teaching, and being in front of people.

Public speaking was not something I had grown up comfortable with, though. There was a time when getting in front of a room of people meant sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and on one occasion, actually having to be wheel-chaired out of a room because I blacked out.

So, how did I go from dreading it to making it one of my favorite parts of my career? Practice! Countless presentations, critiques, and speeches. Watch the full video below or listen here for more of my story and tips on how you can become a master public speaker as an introvert. Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube and/or wherever you listen to podcasts to get first access to new episodes.



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