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This San Diego property was purchased as an investment home that was in dire need of a major facelift. BYoung Design was brought in to design a contemporary space on a budget. The existing house was dark, stuffy, and dated. So, all new finishes were brought in and minimal floorplan updates were established in order to put the life back into the cozy home.


The previous interior had multiple types of floor finishes throughout the house and damaged wall paneling. The floors were replaced with a single, modern luxury vinyl tile that would hold up well to the wear and tear of a rental. The single flooring creates a continuous flow throughout the space, instantly making it feel bigger, brighter, and contemporary. The wall panels were removed and replaced with simple white paint in order to better reflect the natural daylight and expand the space. The remodel was completed on a budget, so simple alterations were able to be done to greatly increase the value of the home.

Fresh Update: Project
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