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This design for a non-secular monastery was based on Vector Equilibrium geometry. Vector Equilibrium is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos - the blueprint by which nature turns energy into matter. It is imaginable, yet invisible. It is the mother of all shapes and symmetries we see in the world.


The buildings were arranged on the site based on the energy points of the geometry. The shapes of the buildings were designed based on shapes extracted from the vector equilibrium and origami exploration. Research done by John Hopkins University scientists Mark Neyrinck and Miguel Aragon-Calvo called the "Origami Universe" shows the comparison between origami tessellations and the formation of the cosmic structures from dark matter.


A flat sheet of paper is like dark matter, it has zero velocity, but when the paper is folded or the force of gravity folds the dark matter, a 3D structure is created and the dark matter forms stream regions which is the creation of galaxies. The geometry creates an energy field within the site, although it may not be obvious, the energy is experienced by the guest. The result is a sustainable oasis full of modern architecture in the heart of San Diego.

La Jolla Monestary: Project
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