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I just failed my architecture what? | ARE 5.0

Q: Did you pass each ARE 5.0 exam on the first attempt? If not, how do you regroup after failing an exam?

A: Definitely not!

I failed my first exam, which was such a difficult experience – yet one I would later find out was very valuable. Afterward, I went straight to brunch, drank a beer, felt sorry for myself, and googled “failed ARE.” After a long exam process, I discovered that failing is part of the process and just as important as passing. I probably learned more with each failed exam than I did with each pass. Each fail was hard, but I learned how to cope and pick myself up again after. I never let it deter me.

I wondered if I should quit or if I wasn’t meant for licensure, MANY times during my 2 years taking the architecture exams. But those feelings were fleeting and to be expected. I allowed myself to feel and then use them to push myself to pass.

In the end, I failed five exams in total. Not easy, but it happens. I'm a better architect today because of it! Watch the full episode above or listen here for a deeper dive.

Want to hear more about my experience, my timeline, and what I studied? Check out this post here.

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