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Section Perspective_flat.png
Section Perspective

Restaurant and culinary school

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exterior persp_flat.png

Exterior view from park into the restaurant

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bar render_6-17_flat.png

Bar view out into the restaurant

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interior dining_flat.png
Dining Room
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3D - greenhouse_flat.png
Green House

Green House Restaurant

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exterior elevation 2_flat.png

Exterior view of Green House from park

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A Modern Restaurant and Culinary School


For this urban design, an old Power House in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco was repurposed to be a Restaurant and Culinary School with on-site Green House and gardens.


The design layout was based on the ancient Yin Yang symbol and symbolism. Combining the old with the new, organic vs man-made, nature vs urban city, heavy vs light, concrete vs glass. The result is a modern design that contrasts, yet blends with the historic surroundings. Inspiration was derived from some of San Diego's top modern restaurants that also incorporate new design and culinary experiences with historic buildings.

Urban Harvest: Project
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